Bone and Joint Excellence Center

Chairman's Message

DxBone is our new Bone and Joint Excellence Center, that will become a beacon in orthopedic service in Dubai and UAE. We have attracted top consultants, headed by Dr Philippe Landreau, as the driving force on implementing a new scope in quality and standards in Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal treatment.

We have always believed in the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, who reminds us that "The race of excellence has no finish line." In parallel to Dubai Health Authority's vision to transform Dubai into a leading healthcare destination; we are dedicated for these unprecedented objectives, which will create a new horizon and safe haven for the public's well-being.

Today, Dubai needs a new set of standards in healthcare to meet the long-term prospects and to satisfy our demand, specifically in Orthopedic care. We are aiming on the potential offered by Dubai as one of the worlds' leading business, technology hub and international markets.

Our mission is to become the center of excellence in the region where cutting-edge technology and medical innovation along with our patient-centric approach will set the benchmark for quality.

H.E. Mr Sami Al Qamzi

If being different can help in making a difference in our patient's live, then we are going to be different in our approach!


To bring a touch of difference to the lives of our patients by providing world class treatment by understanding their needs better, and be committed to quality by constantly enhancing our facilities.


To become the centre of excellence in the region where cutting-edge technology and medical innovation along with our patient-centric approach will set the benchmark for quality.

Mission, Vision, Values


We touch people's lives. Our patients are the reason for our being and are the focus of all of our activities. It is our responsibility is to provide them the best quality care and strive to exceed expectations.

We believe collective capabilities of experienced physicians along with innovative techniques and futuristic technologies can produce radical results for our patients.


DxBone is led by an experienced Management Team that directs and controls the overall functioning of hospital. The team is responsible for planning, managing, and evaluating the delivery of care and all related aspects. It provides strategic leadership to DxBone and ensures the hospital delivers exceptional care by adhering to the Vision, Mission and Core Values.

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Development & Operations
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Why are we different?

There's a difference in everything we see, understand and do. Which is why, from the moment you arrive to time you leave; our focus is on providing you personalized care. Our highly skilled team of medical experts understand your needs better and strive to help you return to a pain-free everyday life as soon as possible.

What makes us different?

We are a group of European medical experts.
We honestly listen to our patients.
We only suggest surgery if the non-invasive methods are no longer effective.
We put our patient care before our business interests.